Sunday, 2 September 2018


‘Roll up, roll up to the merry-go-round ! Escape the humdrum ! Stories are written/erased, images blur/reappear. A ride that ends where it begins, where no journey is ever the same…’


Art Walk Porty 2018 - "Pleasure Ground"

30th August to 9th September
Merry-go-round is an exhibition taking place at twelve triangles cafe in Portobello as part of Art Walk Porty festival 2018. Artists from the book collective Edinburgh and Elsewhere artist book collective  are showing photos, poems and artist books including Dinda Fass, Elaine Robson and myself
"The merry-go-round is a favourite fairground ride for many, offering the chance to escape from the humdrum, albeit momentarily, into a different world. It is a place where you can travel, but without going anywhere. The ride just ends where it starts. But many things can happen riding the merry-go-round. Memories can fade away or be recollected, stories can be written or conversely erased, images can blur, fade and reappear all within a matter of moments. The ride is repeated but different details appear, other moments matter, new thoughts occur"

If you are in Porty, then come down! 

Friday, 13 July 2018

'Like home' in Elsewhere

I am very excited that my review of the exhibition, 'Like Home', has been published on the blog of the Elsewhere: A Journal of Place. 

Featuring artists from South America who explore ideas of place and belonging through abstract art, you still have time to catch this exciting and colourful show which is on until 21 July 2018 in Berlin. The location, a grand corner apartment block in Berlin's Mitte, reminds me the time of abundant unrenovated apartments in Berlin back in the early 2000's and is well worth a visit.  

'Elsewhere is a journal dedicated to writing and visual art that explores the idea of place in all of its forms, whether city neighbourhoods or island communities, heartlands or borderlands, the world we see before us or landscapes of the imagination.'

I have been a fan of the Elsewhere for quite some time, enamoured of the print journal's beautiful design and illustration by Creative Director, Julia Stone, and impressed by the photo essays and high quality writing, selected by Editor in Chief, Paul Scraton. The latest issue, no.4, is available here

Monday, 7 May 2018


Which word is the opposite of ubiquitous?
Rare or rainy?
Robert Walker, winner of two poetry contests: You might
use 'local, sited' and in some instances 'specific, narrow, finite.'

Can I say un-ubiquitous?
To Hindus, Jews, Christians and Muslims, God is ubiquitous
I meant by ubiquitous to imply the opposite.
Madonna's omnipresent bodyguards, ubiquitous, ever-present, pervasive

What made you want to look up ubiquitous?
I wanted to describe the turquoise colour
that seems to be on so many houses
in the town I live in.

Please tell us where you read or heard it.
I am an optimist and I love that word.
I saw it in a Chinese restaurant
describing about dumplings

See words that rhyme with ubiquitous
pansexual, symbiote, charlatan, lowlife, kakistocracy
trending now

Another word for ubiquitous?
ceaseless, constant, continual, continuous, incessant, unceasing
a dime a dozen

Love words? Need even more definitions?
Their HQ comprises miles of corridors
with their ubiquitous coffee machines
Synonym of pulchritude

Which word is similar to ubiquitous?
Indifferent or Omnipresent?
Word of the day: decimate
7 May 2018

Did you find this useful?
ubiquitous fog; ubiquitous little ants
[yoo-bik-wi-tuh s] 
It seemed to be ubiquitous.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Cockenzie to Seaton Sands

A walk from Cockenzie to Seaton Sands in East Lothian and a chance to try out my friend James' Fuji X100S camera. I decided pretty much to include all the shots I took for this post. How I felt about using the camera: It is lightweight, and it looks cool. I actually find the way a digital camera uses retro-styling to imitate analogue cameras of yesteryear a little irritating. I don't really like to use a camera that looks old when the technology is new. It somehow feels fake to me, and somewhat more of a fashion accessory than a camera. Still, I must admit it did feel nice to use and yes, it does look classic. I really didn't work out how to use the camera at all, so basically I just left it on aperture setting and hoped for the best; twiddling the knob that stops down or up by 2 either way helped. The results are better than I expected, given my lack of patience. I bumbled between looking through the viewer, which works a bit like a rangefinder in that you are not looking through the lens itself and flipped once or twice into digital mode, but then mostly used its back viewer.  I have always like Fuji film, and I find the tones warm but also understated in this digital version.  It is a fixed lens wide-angle, and I think the restriction of having one lens is good. I used my iPhone too this day, and realised how pumped up the images are, depth of field and exposure good throughout, but very instagram ready, a sort of hyperreality you need a tone-down filter for, if that existed. James, by the way, would hate me talking about the 'camera' and even has black tape over the branding. In the camera club we were in he was ruthless about the rule that no technical aspect of the photograph should be discussed. Thanks for lending me the camera, James!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kitchen psychogeographer

Sunlight in the place of air
The vent in the window idle
Still for the breeze, 
hungry for a storm

Energy in waiting
Blades twin, spin
A story of a bird 
The rattle of a cage

Revolution, a disc
the pound-shop clock
Gaudy and gold-rimmed
And its incessant score

Asking me to spin
Gold from straw 
Another domestic chore
Unravels me

Starting at the last letter
It’s clean gone 
My name is unstitched
A fairy-tale conundrum, a mystery

I am on a micro-adventure
An urban-explorer
A psychogeographer
Of the kitchen

Nature abhors a vacuum
So I shall leave the dust
forget the dishes
And go outside

Here is my compass and map
Those uncharted territories
For those brave enough
To survive the domestic