Friday, 3 January 2014

Life in the Shallows

Its New Year's Eve and we have been joined in Edinburgh by a bunch of crazy sophisticates from Hastings and Berlin. So we start off the jocularities by visiting creative hub and exhibition/studio space at Summerhall in Edinburgh (not to be confused with Summer Hill, the progressive and somewhat controversial public school in Suffolk). Artist Jerry Gretzinger, obviously drawn to the school's attitude that children should be free to play all day, generously allows ours to play and run all over his maps. Luckily the maps on the floor at least are protected by perspex which could be annoying for a photographer wanting to document the space as the light bounces right back but I enjoy photographing the play between reflections of windows and strip lighting and shadows against the maps themselves. 

The new Summer Hill intake experiment with new found freedom

and my mobile wasn't even confiscated

Luckily the curators have left a (visual) escape route to the cafe

An oil spill that you may want to dive into

life in the shallows

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