Thursday, 11 September 2014

Unpleasant Design

Unpleasant Design is a book by Selena Savić and Gordan Savičić that investigates obstacles, psychological and sensual manipulation in common/public spaces and offers ways to overcome it, often in a playful and creative way. After reading this book, I started noticing examples of this phenomena in my neighbourhood. You should buy this book, if only for its sandpaper dust-jacket.

The other photographs came about whilst trying to point my camera at something beautiful, of which there is, admittedly, a lot in Edinburgh, the castle, for instance. Unfortunately, my camera resisted all attempts to do this as if magnetically repelled until pointed towards something mundane, irrelevant and perhaps unbeautiful. Sorry, Edinburgh. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anything goes, at any time.  

CAUTION DO NOT CLIMB No-risk culture
Aw....was just about to wade in and enjoy my latte and croissant here.

Unpleasant design. Anti skateboarding lozenges. 

Unusual height makes sitting uncomfortable on this bench for longer time. (If you can get up there in the first place)

I've been in Edinburgh a year now. But no-one told me it was just a facade.

Capacity: 67,800 Seats taken: 1.      

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