Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Goodbye Gustav

One of the worst things about living in rented accommodation in the UK is that you have to put up with furniture and pictures that are not yours. I can't believe that I lived with a huge gold framed reproduction Klimt for the last year and a half that was hanging over the fireplace since moving to Edinburgh. I replaced it with one of my own photos taken in Berlin in 2003. (Well, saves it hanging around in the spare room and frees up some space!) I also took down the framed map of Scotland in the bedroom a few months ago, and replaced it with two drawings I bought from my friend George Barber in Berlin.  Much better. Considerate of the landlord to put up pictures at all, but it is amazing how even though you pay rent, you feel you have to live under the jurisdiction of other people's taste.
Goodbye Klimt. Can't say it has been a pleasure.

Hello Berlin circa 2003

Goodbye map of Scotland. In feverish nights I always saw strange figures in you.
Hello lovely drawings. So nice to wake up to.

I have got lots of spare postcards of that photograph taken in Berlin that is now on my living room wall. The colours are more subtle than in this scan. 

I can send you one free by post if you send me your address to this email account: contact@catherine-marshall.com or my usual email address. 

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