Saturday, 14 March 2015

More is More

To celebrate the current Barbican exhibition Magnificent Obsessions: The artist as Collector, Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop are asking people to share images of their collections in a mini gallery. 

"You can win a pair of tickets to Magnificent Obsessions: The artist as Collector at the Barbican and tickets to the Unicorn Theatre but really just to share the love and show how collecting inspires. Don't be shy. Please share."

I love the collections I have already seen there. This is a collection of Kokeshi Dolls belonging to illustrator Geoffrey Coupland.

And this is a collection of Multicultural Dolls belonging to Simon Seddon, artist and manager at Benjamin Pollock's toyshop.

My collection is much more modest I am afraid. 

Here is the collection of a rolling stone (small caps) (me). 

Dumpster truck owned for 20 years, acquired in Tokyo on visit and tour of incinerator plant.
"Flohspiel" tiddlywinks game owned for 10 years, acquired in Berlin; neighbours put out things they didn't want in the hall for others to take.
Knitted figure (newly acquired) Edinburgh originally belonged on a card. Now just hangs out and turns up in unexpected places around the flat.

I LOVE my dumpster truck and could never ever part with it. It even tips up and has a neat compartment for tiny amounts of rubbish at the rear, and reminds me of Japan, a country I love and once visited. 

So if you have a collection, don't keep it to yourself, share it here. 

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