Friday, 15 May 2015

You are still here

These photos were taken at the Miro Foundation in Barcelona designed by Josep Lluis Serp. The title of the post is borrowed from a piece by one of my favourite artists Mona Hatoum which was exhibited in one of the rooms in the collection.

The piece is a mirror that catches your reflection and asserts that YOU ARE STILL HERE with etched text. As in many examples of Hatoum's artwork, the piece works on your senses first leaving your thought processes to catch up. The text is refracted twice, and is also open to interpretation.

You are still here - a positive meaning, as in you are still here, alive, you matter.
You are still here - as in negative meaning, you don't belong here, move on please
You are still here - you are still, unmoving.

It was refreshing to come across this piece unexpectedly in one of the many museums of Barcelona we visited dedicated to great men (Miro, Picasso, Gaudi and Tapies).


  1. Great, sunny photos, reminded me of Sleeper.

  2. Thanks, one of my favourite films. Came out two years before this building was completed.