Thursday, 19 November 2015

To Flow and to Stay

In August, I revisited the Sou Fujimoto Final Wooden House/ Replica at the sculpture park of the  Kunsthalle, Bielefeld in Germany, built to coincide with his exhibition Futurospective Architektur. I had visited the exhibition in 2012 where the gallery was filled with over a hundred of his models on plinths of projects built and unrealised. Some models were immensely labour intensive in their production, and some were as simple as a crumpled piece of paper. Accompanying each one were thoughts and questions on architecture and Sou Fujimoto's underlying ideas on the relationship between nature and artificiality, blurring boundaries between inside and outside, garden, window and house and the idea of the city being organic like a forest, where "richness is born from the space between order and chaos".The interior of the Final Wooden House looks like an elaborate Jenga game, not rooms or separate spaces as such, but nooks and crannies where you could climb up, lie down or perch, and determine the function in your own way. The interior offers seclusion, but also the possibility of interaction with others and the exterior space. Next time, I'll ask for the key. 
More info and photographs of the exhibition here.

"House like an airy man-made forest, like living on the tree-top traversing from branch to branch"

"To flow and to stay, the polar opposites are made to coexist."

More info and photographs of the exhibition here.

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