Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lomo Lyrical

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

This photo is made from 2 Lomo pics taken in Berlin, cut into strips and woven together. I think at the time (5 years ago) when I made it, I had an urge to do something hands-on with photography. It was also a way of recycling some old photos. I found it oddly appealing that the weaving technique looked like a reject filter on photoshop. I could imagine this filter consigned to the trash with the developers saying, 'why would you want to weave a photograph for Christ's sake? Get real.'

I also used a kind of weaving technique to brainstorm some lyrics for a friend's new song. For the verses and chorus I dipped into different books at hand, taking words out of their context and mixing them up with ideas of my own. In the first verse I looked at a book of poems, the second a catalogue of an architect, the third a story for children, and the fourth a book by an art curator. Not sure if the ideas work for my friend's purpose, but maybe he can change it into his own version, or alternatively, put it into the trash.


Lend me a piece of you
Astronaut food, cellophane wrap
galloping through fatal skies
swimming in constellations

Nearing the sky, walls dissolve
Moments before light and stone
Most Tokyo-like, our empty room
Children are in command

Was it your eyes that lied?
Versed in monsters and mistakes
In harmony with the wind
Reeling my dreams further in.


I'm reading, writing, endless snow scenes
I'm reading, writing, endless snow scenes
You're casting, shooting, static objects
You're casting, shooting, static objects

Construction site near Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

These reverse of the cut up lomo photographs.

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