Sunday, 10 January 2016


Oh Cyclesuperhighway3.
Deliver us by bike (once we have crossed the foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs)
into the cold heart of the City, 
from Greenwich, via Tower Gateway
past cranes, housing estates, murals, skyscrapers, wharfs
ungated communities, Spindrifts and big spenders

Let us ride your cold blue artery
over the quiet of a New Year's Day
Forests of Boris' bikes, where scaffolding holds up real trees
No one needs the countryside
where an erased corporate identity
forms a landscape in black, white and silver behind glass.

(A good tip for Boris' Bikes. The hire is 2 pounds for 24 hours, and the first 30 mins free. If you swap the bike at another station within half an hour you can hire another and ride the next half hour free, and so on. Otherwise it is 2 pounds for each further 30 mins. )

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