Saturday, 6 August 2016

Gisela, by the way

Gisela, by the way*

I am just a goods train
You are just a shack
Whenever I go past you
I'm longing to look back

By night I blow you kisses
That whistle o'er the track
By day my windows wink and smile 
The sun towards your back

On grey days when the light is flat
I lend you shadows with my lamps
to make your contours crisp and clear
and help you see your worth, my dear

And by the way, it's destiny
To love someone so stationary
To share her with the platform
The ticket booth and masonry

When passers by, pass you by
And life itself does the same
Just remember that this old train
Loves Gisela, by the way

*I photographed this abandoned kiosk/shop from a train window in Germany. The name 'Gisela, by the way' sounded like unintentional poetry to me.

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