Sunday, 9 April 2017

So long, and thanks for all the fish

I walked into the Tate to see a member of staff holding an inflatable fish. 

This was after seeing a striped man trying to outdo St Paul's with his pointy hat.

At first sight unsettling, this image is benign: people enjoying merging and emerging from the water spray installation outside the Tate

These workmen at the Tate are responsible for your Seele (German word for soul). However, they are not buying at the moment. I tried. 

When you step inside, the 'book' is in fact a video installation showing unpublished photos of built spaces: urban, corporate, detailed. mundane, and epic side by side. In short, wonderful and insightful. This part of Tillman's show is off the turbine Hall and as far as I know this part is free entry. 

The former power station supports life: a bush. Actually, Peregrine Falcons have been spotted hunting pigeons from the tower.

you know it is a good show when the staff are still enjoying it

A surreal part of the day, seeing Wolfgang Tillmans in person who kindly signed the catalogue for me.

Perhaps the best slogan of all time?

 Scorched earth policy applied to design - Berliner U -Bahn seating

I obviously came late to the inflatable fish party: The Tate roof.

This aerial image is like a map of somewhere else
Canary Wharf. When you know the formative structure of the building is going to be more interesting looking than the building itself

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